Analytical and Numerical Modelling of One-Dimensional Consolidation of Stabilized Peat

Leong Sing Wong, Shamini Somanathan


The objective of the paper is to compare and evaluate analytical and numerical solutions of one-dimensional consolidation of stabilized peat. The type of analytical method used to solve the problem is exact method by separation of variables and utilization of Fourier series. Plaxis 2D 8.2 Professional version software was used to find numerical solution to the problem by employing the finite element method. One-dimensional consolidation problem of stabilized peat was solved numerically and validated with the one solved analytically based on laboratory experimental results. From the results, it was discovered that the consolidation characteristics of stabilized peat evaluated numerically were found to have close approximation to those evaluated analytically. There is a novel value in developing an accurate numerical prediction for the vertical consolidation of stabilized peat considering the complexity of the soil treatment method. It must be noted that peat is highly problematic because it is produced from plant decomposition with extremely high organic matter.


One-Dimensional Consolidation; Stabilized Peat; Analytical Method; Numerical Solution.


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DOI: 10.28991/cej-2019-03091254


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