Operation Simulation for a Check Valve Used in High-Performance Systems

Julia A. Soboleva, Abdulmejid M. Kerimov, Shamil Sh. Anudinov, Maxim A. Kocharov


This research aims to increase the reliability and safety of pipeline systems by creating an improved model range of Butterfly Check Valves (BCV). Pipes through which working fluids are transported, parts related to shut-off and control valves, control measuring instruments, fasteners, anticorrosion elements, and other structural components are the main elements that make up pipelines. Fittings can be of different types; BCV refers to protective ones. These devices protect pipelines by disconnecting the working line in the event of a sudden change in the transported fluid parameters (pressure, flow direction), resulting in the failure of the entire system. Based on an analysis of the key requirements for valves, namely reliability, tightness of a closed system, ensuring safe operation, and analysis of existing BCVs, the design of the presented valve was created. Improved overall dimensions and tightness, both in the open and closed states, as opposed to the existing analogs, are distinctive features of the developed design of butterfly check valves. To confirm the results, the authors, using the finite element method, calculated the stress–strain state of the structure under normal conditions and with regard to the maximum temperatures of the working fluid. The reliability indicators of the developed elements were also calculated to confirm their operability. As a result, it was concluded that after the developed valves have passed acceptance tests, the research findings will make it possible to increase the reliability and safety of the valve itself and the entire pipeline system by introducing these structures into enterprises.


Doi: 10.28991/CEJ-2023-09-12-017

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Butterfly Check Valve; Pipeline Fittings; Pipeline Systems; Finite Element Method; Calculation of Reliability Indicators.


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DOI: 10.28991/CEJ-2023-09-12-017


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