An In-Depth Review on the Eccentric Compression Performance of Engineered Bamboo Columns

Franklyn F. Manggapis, Orlean G. Dela Cruz


This review paper delves into the eccentric compression performance of engineered bamboo columns, focusing on objectives like evaluating methodologies, influential parameters, and testing techniques for eccentric compression behavior. It employs a systematic literature review adhering to PRISMA 2020 guidelines to synthesize data from various studies on material properties, design parameters, and construction methods. The findings reveal challenges in predicting failure modes under eccentric compression and the need for a unified model to assess the impact of eccentricity and slenderness ratios on performance. It introduces novel insights into the standardization and testing of engineered bamboo for structural applications. It addresses a significant gap in current research by offering a comprehensive predictive framework for eccentrically loaded, engineered bamboo columns.


Doi: 10.28991/CEJ-2024-010-03-020

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Bamboo; Columns; Slenderness Ratio; Eccentric Compression; Review.


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DOI: 10.28991/CEJ-2024-010-03-020


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