Physical Model Test for Soft Soil With or Without Prefabricated Vertical Drain with Loading

Dao Huu Do, Nguyen Thi Phuong Khue, Phan Khac Hai


The paper builds a physical model of testing in the laboratory with the parametric tempered glass box 0.5  0.5 1.2 m (length  width  depth) containing saturated clay to study the settlement and consolidation when loading increased gradually over time. The research covers herein to present the monitoring of settlement and pore water pressure, settlement calculation, numerical simulation using PLAXIS software V8.2 based on the results of soil physical and mechanical tests before and after loading in case of having or not prefabricated vertical drain (PVD). In case of no PVD, the calculation and numerical simulation using the soil parameters before loading have the differential settlement from the monitoring data, approximately 3.86 mm (10.45%), 0.41 mm (1.11%) respectively. Meanwhile, the deviation in the case using data after loading is about 2.29 mm (6.20%), 0.21 mm (0.56%) respectively. In case of PVD, the calculation and numerical simulation with the testing result of before loading deviation from the settlement monitoring by subsidence meter is 2.91 mm (7.88%), 44.42 mm (120.28%), calculation and simulation with the testing result of after loading deviation is 0.80 mm (2.17%), 1.26 mm (3.41%). In the case of having PVD, the difference in calculation, subsidence observation, and numerical simulation between the mechanical properties before and after loading is significant, when using the mechanical data after loading then the results are quite close to the subsidence of observation and simulation rather than before loading.



Physical Model; Settlement; Soft Soil; Prefabricated Vertical Drain; Numerical Model.


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DOI: 10.28991/cej-03091116


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