Truck Driver Behavior and Travel Time Effectiveness Using Smart GPS

Dewi Yuniar, Ludfi Djakfar, Achmad Wicaksono, Achmad Efendi


The pattern of coal transportation is very dependent on the behaviour of the driver, which influences the effectiveness of travel time. Good driver behaviour will affect the optimization of travel time, and scenarios need to reduce travel time wastage. This study aims to optimize travel time and sensitivity analysis based on the influence of driver behaviour, truck travel movements and the use of travel time on coal haul roads. The research method uses a field survey with a GPS tracker, a smart GPS server 3.3, google earth and statistics. The results showed that the driver's behaviour greatly influenced the pattern of use of travel time and truck travel speed. Coal transportation in the morning can be more optimal than night so that that travel time wastage can reduced by 40%. The proposed optimization scenarios can save 36.7% - 48.61% of the existing travel time and the transport cycle can be increased to four to five times. So that with the addition of the cycle, it will increase the income of the transport company and the driver's income. With smart GPS, companies can improve the performance of transportation services in company management, get coal supplies on time.


Drivers Behaviour, Travel Time Effectiveness, Truck, Coal Roads, Scenarios.


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DOI: 10.28991/cej-2020-03091504


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