Exploring Critical Success Factors in Urban Housing Projects Using Fuzzy Analytic Network Process

Hessam Youneszadeh, Abdollah Ardeshir, Mohammad Hassan Sebt


Population growth and increasing trend towards urbanization have caused housing demand to exceed its supply, particularly in urban areas in developing countries. Furthermore, housing industry motivates many subsidiary industries and plays a leading socio-economic role in such countries. Therefore, successful completion of housing projects is of great significance quantitatively and qualitatively.

This study aims to propose a framework to evaluate the critical success factors (CSFs) in housing projects considering the interrelationship among factors and criteria. The factors were initially identified through literature review and then refined and categorized using a two-round Delphi method and finally prioritized using fuzzy analytic network process (FANP). To demonstrate the implementation of the proposed model, a case study was carried out on an urban residential building project in Tehran. The framework proposed in this study can be applied as a decision support system for decision makers, project managers and practitioners involved in the housing sector.


Project Management; Critical Success Factors; Housing; Building Projects; Fuzzy ANP.


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